World famous pornstar Lisa Ann has left the adult entertainment industry

It is a fact and not just a rumor she officially said so in an interview for AVN magazine this past month and therefore the icon and the most famous adult model Lisa Ann Pornstar of the millennium had actually retired. Not that she had to as her looks, her body and her facial features were still perfect, she was gorgeous, she is gorgeous, she most probably will remain gorgeous for many years to come. This decision came to great shock for many as from what I see she has millions of fans on social media, on her personal website and of course tens of thousands of daily visitors here on this unofficial blog dedicated to this beautiful woman.


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches (157 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Measurements: 38DD-20-34
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Personal Details:
Age: 42 years OLD
Date of Birth: May 9, 1972
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Easton, PA USA
Ethnicity: Italian
Race: Caucasian

Additional info:
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Navel
Aliases: Zina Sunshine, Lisa, Leesa
Started in 1994 at approx 22 years old

However the website where she used to perform Live Porn Videos has decided to keep her profile up, to keep all your digital photographs up and of course all her life past shows are archived for everybody to see and enjoy even if you are not a member of that specific network.

It is a great shame because the specific network that we talking about and that would be the Cherry Pimps Network, has just opened a Pornstars masturbation website and they were hoping her to be the main attraction, but unfortunately that will not happen. In any case there are hundreds of other extremely famous adult models that will be starring on that website as well on a daily basis.

The Queen of all pornstars… Lisa Ann!

She definitely has been in the past four or maybe five years, I don’t see anybody even coming close to her, her fame, the fact that she is loved by millions of people around the world, that she has dozens of fan pages on all social media websites and I see her videos and porn photographs all over the place, and I mean not even just on pornographic websites. I literally mean all over the place. Then you have to keep in consideration that she is now also doing Live Sex Shows, practically it’s a porn video with the only difference, and what a week difference, that it is happening in real time, it is happening while you are watching it in other words it is live!

She’s turned out to be very good at this, and it’s really not that hard considering she is an extremely well talented girl, well she’s a little bit more than a girl you take in consideration that she’s already 42 years of age, but she looks at least 10 years younger, and I can definitely say that as I have seen her in person several times and I think the last time was not even eight months ago and she looked younger than me and I’m 33.

lisa ann cherrypimps wildoncam

It takes a lot to be porn star that has talent, you also have to look really good, you also have to be very smart to move on and up, and she has all of this, she really does know what she’s doing, she is by far the most popular not just because she fucks and sucks well!

There are a few articles that they have been writing about her over at on Facebook, I noticed that to go that they had posted some exclusive photographs of her where she looked absolutely incredible, she looked even better than she actually does so you can imagine how good those photographs were. and from what I understand the sister website on Facebook is also posting similar articles and therefore it would be wise of you if you have a Facebook account to go over there and check it out for yourself.

Shes on both: &

He is also number one when it comes down to Live Porn Shows and I’m not just saying that because I’m writing on her blog, I’m saying that because that is the absolute truth, she happens to be and has been since they opened the websites, number one attraction all viewers from all over the world. She is slaying everyone that tries to reach her, she is up there and she is by herself and every single time that she is starring in a live porn video, she has three sometimes even four or even five times more the viewers than the second-best adult model that ranks on these websites. Not just tells me that Lisa Ann happens to be the number one pornstar worldwide.

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Do you will remember like seven years ago when she did the Sarah Pallin parody, that production was seen hundred and 16 million times, that production sold nearly 1,000,000 DVDs, and then somebody wonders why she is the queen of Live Webcam Porn.


However she is not alone, there are 900+ adult models of star on a daily basis, that means every single day of the week and these are all professionals, they’re all women just like her, just like Lisa Ann, that are Live Pornstars and all bringing to life streaming what everybody has watched for nearly 2 decades on the web was prepped and recorded, edited and made to look better, is now live, is now happening in real time while you are watching, this is a brand-new experience and all the top adult models and only the top adult models you will find them on to websites not only in this blog post.

Lisa Ann Seduces Sarah Vandella On Wedding Day

Porn legend, Lisa Ann, is the ultimate MILF. She wants to support her son by helping his bride get ready on their wedding day, but things don’t go as planned. Once Lisa and Sarah Vandella lock eyes while locked away in a room together, the sexual tension becomes too much to hold back. Fortunately, Brazzers is there to catch the action as these busty beauties unleash their lesbian lusting all over each other. Big tits are groped and kissed, pussy is licked, and there is even some anal toying!


Lisa Ann number one when it comes to Live Porn Videos

Hello everyone, it’s been a while and I’m back here once again to talk about Lisa Ann Live Porn Videos, To be because that is what she has been doing in the past few months, and she has been doing it with an enormous success. Lisa Ann was already one of the top 10 most popular porn stars in the world, but now with the fact that she is also doing live porn shows makes her even more popular, some even say that the network that hired her in exclusive has made their own fortune thanks to her and her popularity, but I would say that they both made their fortune. Simply because she is gorgeous, she is popular, she is filthy, she will do what ever a man wants her to do. is huge, is popular, is an icon porn website, I would say it’s the Gucci of websites and her being connected to them just makes the perfect couple, and it doesn’t really surprise me that her last appearance, her last porn show that was streamed via this website on WebCam had around 398,000 members watching in real time the whole two-hour show that she put together having sex with three different men one after another.


Lisa is not the only extremely popular babe that does Live Pornstars shows on that website, you happen to be another 1000 if not more porn stars that perform in live porn acts and every single day there is someone different getting their holes stuffed all of the most famous, all of them are filthy all of them are popular all of them are professional adult models.

For instance there is also Nicole Aniston on and if you don’t know who she is then I suggest you go on the roof of your home and throw yourself off LOL. Of course you know who she is and along with her you will most probably find your favorite porn star coming up soon or if not already listed, simply because they are getting all these exclusive contracts with the most famous porn stars, from what I heard from one of the editors of the website they are signing up at least 45 new porn stars every single day.

Lisa Ann top adult model and webcam pornstar!

When she joined the Live Pornstars network she certainly had no any sort of formal introduction, this is the queen of porn stars, she is the porn star of porn stars, she’s world-famous she’s world loved and incredibly hot brunette MILF with the biggest boobs in the business and she can take cock like no other in her category, I don’t blame the network to have hired her and requested that she did live porn videos for them, because she will bring thousands of members, her alone, she is a legendary celebrity we can say, and she’s not my favorite porn star, let me get that clear I’m not saying this because I like her overall the others, no less not the case, I have different tastes but she is definitely like I said the queen of all porn stars.

lisa ann cherry pimps porn

However I have watched to of her Live Porn Videos so far, I have to say there is nothing like it, she is absolutely great, she is totally in control not over of the guy that is banging her butt of all the public that is watching her, the audience participates by writing on her screen things that they want her to do, and most cases she will actually do what her fans want her to do, she will get in the positions that they would like best and she will talk back and forward all her fans.

That is the difference betweenPornstars Videos that all live and porn videos that are recorded, so do you understand when I say it is totally a different world? If not I really suggest that you go and check it out for yourself, you have no excuse I have linked it several times as you can see just click on one of the links you will be redirected to the specific page that will show you around on their website and from there you decide.

Lisa Ann… Simply Perfection

Gorgeous super star Lisa Ann still dominates as the absolute HOTTEST MILF Online!

There’s simply no doubt about it with that insane body of hers starting with her gorgeous face, to her big fucking tits and don’t get me started on that ass or pussy! Just fucking amazing! If you’re not a fan of Lisa Ann than you just might be gay!

Pornstar Lisa Ann now doing her porn videos …LIVE!

She is considered among the top 25 porn stars of the moment, considering that there are over 4000 licensed porn stars in the United States alone, I would say that that is quite an achievement, and if you actually seen all will get to see any of Pornstar Lisa Ann porn videos you will then understand why she is so popular and why she is among the top 25 of the world’s most favorite porn stars.

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That actually is not the point, the point is is that I have found a new network, a website or better still a couple of websites that are actually broadcasting Live Pornstars live while they are getting fucked on the set. In other words these websites are streaming live porn videos. It seems too good to be true, but I guarantee you it is good and it is very true. I myself the first time that I logged on and sign up and managed to get access and saw my first live sex show, I thought it was 100 times better than a porn video, the reason it’s better it’s because it’s live, it’s not edited it’s happening right there in front of your eyes.

So it’s not just the gorgeous and famous Lisa Ann, but we are talking about close to 500 different, sexy and extremely popular Pornstars that do this on a daily basis where there are at least two live sex shows that go down every single day.

Lisa Ann Rides Thick Cock

Now it’s time to see Lisa Ann doing what she does best… And we all know what that is! Lisa Ann is a porn star with huge boobs, and pornstars all love sucking cock and then fucking!

And Lisa Ann, from the looks of things, is a great little cock sucker. Lisa Ann has her eyes open wide while she’s sucking him off!

lisa ann fucking sucking 1

But she was only putting in so much effort into sucking him off because she wants his cock to be nice and hard while she rides on top of him!

Because Lisa Ann likes her men rock hard – and nice and thick too!

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